Rv owners

We are experts in managing top of the line Travel Trailers as well as Class A and C recreational vehicles, both gas and diesel powered. We maintain an exceptional fleet of rentals and operate a business platform unlike any other RV Rental Agency in the state. All RVs entered into the Owner Management Program must meet certain criteria and pass a general inspection. As an Owner, you may rest in the knowledge that your RV is being meticulously cared for while in our possession as Owner relations are the Key to our operational success. Mountain West does not own any RVs and, as such, you retain all rights to your RV, to include: opting in/out of the program at your discretion (30 day notice required); use of your RV at any time (provided no reservations have been secured on your selected dates).RV rentals are in high demand. Studies show that RVs are the most economical way to travel throughout the country. People are buying less and renting more. Also, we have many people that want to rent before they buy as we work with many Colorado dealers.Are you ready to turn your RV into a new income source? Depending on the RV, owners can make $5,000 to $30,000 per year from the rental of their RV. In addition to rental income, you can also count on additional tax benefits that provide savings to your bottom line when filing your tax return.

Here is the Mountain West RV Rental Consignment Plan:

  • You receive 50% of the rental rate any time your RV is rented through Mountain West RV Rentals.
  • We handle all regular maintenance and any mechanical failures on your coach. At the beginning of each month you will receive a detailed statement of how your RV performed the previous month along with a check for your 50%.
  • Mountain West RV Rentals will add your coach to our commercial insurance policy. We do recommend that you keep your personal insurance active, however, especially if you intend to use your RV at any time while in our program. Our insurance does supply full coverage and $1 million liability to the renter while in your RV. When not on rental your RV is also fully covered for any damage that may occur but the liability is not in effect.
  • Mountain West RV Rentals provides free storage every month at our Gypsum location as long as the RV rents out at least once during the month. If it does not go out in that month then a $100 storage fee/month will be assessed.
  • Mountain West RV Rentals requires all rental customers to pay a damage deposit of $1000 to cover any unexpected damages and/or cover the insurance deductible.
  • The frequency of rentals depends on the RV. Currently, RV rental demand is far greater than the supply. While we can’t guarantee the number of rentals your unit will have, we have consistent rentals and will be glad to show you more details about our rental demand and how we market to prospective clients to keep your RV renting year around.
  • Our property is gated, very secure and conveniently located near EGE Airport.
  • We provide all the advertising and marketing to maximize your rental income.
  • Your Motorhome is available when you want it – clean, tanks full and inspected by our certified RV technician.
  • You may realize significant tax benefits- write off depreciation, maintenance, insurance and other related expenses. We recommend that you inquire with your tax professional regarding these options.

Maximize your investment and begin earning income today! For more information please call Mountain West RV Rentals @ (970)510-0553 and a representative will be glad to guide you through the entire process.


Click Here to Download Owners Management Agreement